XX TAXON- Salamanca, September 26-28

XX TAXON: XX Meeting of the Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Biodiversity Group

Salamanca, September 26-28, 2024

Welcome to the XX Edition of the Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Biodiversity Group Meeting (XX TAXON)

We warmly welcome you to XX TAXON, the XX Edition of the Taxonomy, Phylogeny, and Biodiversity Group Meeting. This year, our meeting will be held in the emblematic setting of the Hospedería Fonseca, located in the heart of Salamanca, between September 26 and 28.

Salamanca, a UNESCO World Heritage city, is not only famous for its prestigious university, one of the oldest in Europe, but also for its rich history and vibrant culture. This academic and cultural environment provides the perfect backdrop for our meeting, promoting a space for enriching exchange and debate.

The Hospedería Fonseca, which will be our venue, is part of the historical heritage of the University of Salamanca. This place not only stands out for its architectural beauty but also for its historical significance and its role in the academic field. It offers modern and comfortable facilities in a building full of history, providing a unique atmosphere for our congress.

We hope that the program prepared for the Meeting will be of great interest to everyone, and that it provides a dynamic forum for the presentation of the latest research in the field of taxonomy and diversity.

We look forward to welcoming you with open arms, hoping that this meeting will be as productive as it is unforgettable.